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摆脱哑巴英语;让你提升竞争力 FB Live 直播

07 May 2020
摆脱哑巴英语;让你提升竞争力 FB Live 直播
荣幸邀请在教育界桃李满天下的资深导师Kenneth Ng引领大家摆脱哑巴英语.

导师简介 EMBA 导师 KENNETH NG黄识钦(专业培训师 )
● Certified Training Professional of ARTDO International-ITD (亚洲区域培训与发展组织专业培训师)
● MBA degree-Heriot-Watt University, UK
● Corporate Coach & Resource Person
● Certified trainer to conduct The Heart of Coaching (HOC) program
● He provides personal coaching, performance coaching, and facilitates positive changes in individuals from their inner spirit.
● He has been lecturing, training and facilitating for the last 11 years. He is also a lecturer for EMBA, SPACE-Southern University College
● He has wide exposure and experience working together with experts like Prof. Dr. Leonard Yong and Dr. Mario del Castillo